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work smart, not hard

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The games are incredibly easy
  Ket, Nov 24 2012

We just experience them as being 'hard' because we all suck. Really bad. The avg reg that has made 7 figures lifetime is just not very good at all (myself included). Think about how good you have to be to get to the top x percentile in any other competitive pursuit and compare it with poker, it's a joke. Good news for motivated "good" (relative to all the other fools) pros!! Cheers

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Re: longple
  Ket, Oct 31 2012

I wrote a reply here in longple's blog in answer to some requests I got ->¤tpage=last

Just making this post to draw attention to it for those it interests, since the longple blog is buried somewhere now

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Have you found your passion?
  Ket, Oct 16 2012

What sort of things are you guys doing with your careers now? For the guys still playing poker, how are you enjoying it? Any plans for after? For the guys in jobs, tell us what you're doing, why, what you hope to get out of it and what the plan for after is.

Also does this TED video happen to ring true for anyone?

Let's talk about careers and life!

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